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Mortifera: Ascension

Hey there.  Thanks for checking out the Mortifera Comics Blog.  So why should you be reading this as opposed to checking out ?  Well this blog is for behind the scenes info and up to date info about Mortifera.  Both Sarah and I will post updates/art from time to time about Mortifera on here and keep you in the loop on what is new.

Right now Sarah is in the process of going through the current story line of Mortifera which follows Catherine, Durin and Ethan.  However we have also been working on Mortifera:Ascension which is a zero issue of Mortifera.  Ascension explains the start of not only the Mortifera, but the Dark Ages War.  It also shows the brutal demise of Elias Gregor, which was foreseen by Catherine in a prophetic dream.  The images posted are of Ascension’s first five pages.

Thanks again for stopping by, and please keep coming back as we will update often!