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Reviews are coming in…

Hey all.
Frost here.

We’ve been getting some reviews in on the first issue. Here are some quotes from various reviews:

Fanboy Comics
“Sarah Partington also has a gift for character stance and facial expressions, which adds a lot of depth to Stephan Frost’s dialogue.  I look forward to seeing if Partington’s gifts apply as well to the non-human characters as the human ones.”

Open Book Society
” I received 28 pages from Mortifera to review. My biggest complaint, I didn’t want it to end.”

“There’s definitely interest that’s generated for the second issue-”

Word of the Nerd
“The artwork is good. This manga inspired artwork feels right for the kind of story I think this one will become. The dialog is clever and witty.”

Issue 1 is coming out late August/Early September to a comic store near you, and online to Comixology.