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Reviews are coming in…

Hey all.
Frost here.

We’ve been getting some reviews in on the first issue. Here are some quotes from various reviews:

Fanboy Comics
“Sarah Partington also has a gift for character stance and facial expressions, which adds a lot of depth to Stephan Frost’s dialogue.  I look forward to seeing if Partington’s gifts apply as well to the non-human characters as the human ones.”

Open Book Society
” I received 28 pages from Mortifera to review. My biggest complaint, I didn’t want it to end.”

“There’s definitely interest that’s generated for the second issue-”

Word of the Nerd
“The artwork is good. This manga inspired artwork feels right for the kind of story I think this one will become. The dialog is clever and witty.”

Issue 1 is coming out late August/Early September to a comic store near you, and online to Comixology.


E3, Comic Cons and a new page preview!

Hello again.

Mortifera Comics is going to be at E3, San Diego Comic Con and the Long Beach Comic Con.  If you see someone in a Mortifera shirt, ask them for free stuff.  Maybe you’ll get something cool.  Like a sticker, shirt or condescension.

Apparently the dead are not dead anymore.

In the meantime however, check out this new page with Ethan and Durin.  We are still working on getting this stuff awesome, so keep checking back!