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Comic Con Stuff

Comic Con sure did rule this year. Sarah and I got to talk to some legit folks and show ’em Mortifera, in all it’s demonic goodness. Thanks to everyone that bought a comic. I met some awesome dudes from Canada (who had great taste in music by the way) that bought a few issues. This stuff is going international now. Crazy. If you, dear reader, have yet to buy a comic. . . BUY ONE NOW. We only got 100 printed and these will be the only black and white versions of the comic. Meaning they will be super rare. ‘But where does one buy such a rarity?’ you may inquire. Go to and click on the store tab. You can buy them there.

We also got in some buttons with all sorts of cool designs. All orders of the comic will include some buttons as well. FOR FREE.  Oh and you get stickers FOR FREE.  Man we are nice.  Order stuff!




Buy a comic! Buy a shirt! Free stickers!

Shirts and the issue 3 comic are now on sale!  You can buy them at in the ‘store’ section.


T-Shirt Design

Take a look at the new T-Shirt Design.

This MIGHT be available at Comic Con and WILL be available for purchase at Long Beach Comic Con. Either way be on the look out for some shirtage.