New video! Annnnnnd some other news….

More video action! Frost talks about the origin of Mortifera and talks about the protagonists in the comic.

In other news, we have decided to part ways with Sea Lion books. We have no ill will towards the Dabel brothers and wish Sea Lion all the best. They have a fantastic author roster so please check them out if you haven’t.

We’ll be posting some more news in the coming days so please check out our facebook page for more up-to-date-updates



Mortifera Comics Release Trailer

Here ’tis minions.  Enjoy the animated Mortifera release trailer:

This was animated by the talented crew over at MoreFrames Animation.  They did a fantastic job and Sarah and I couldn’t be more excited to get this out in front of everyone.

You can also order the first issue here: http://store.sealionbookstore.com/mortifera.html

We are releasing the book on November 7th, so go buy it at your local store or online!


Reviews are coming in…

Hey all.
Frost here.

We’ve been getting some reviews in on the first issue. Here are some quotes from various reviews:

Fanboy Comics
“Sarah Partington also has a gift for character stance and facial expressions, which adds a lot of depth to Stephan Frost’s dialogue.  I look forward to seeing if Partington’s gifts apply as well to the non-human characters as the human ones.”

Open Book Society
” I received 28 pages from Mortifera to review. My biggest complaint, I didn’t want it to end.”

“There’s definitely interest that’s generated for the second issue-”

Word of the Nerd
“The artwork is good. This manga inspired artwork feels right for the kind of story I think this one will become. The dialog is clever and witty.”

Issue 1 is coming out late August/Early September to a comic store near you, and online to Comixology.


Update! Important things!

Greetings citizen.  Frost here.

Sarah and I are pretty excited about our new publishing home at Sea Lion Books.  We will be releasing the first issue of Mortifera in August.   We are looking forward to getting our story out to the masses, and thanks to Sea Lion, you will be able to purchase it at your local comic shop or stores like Barnes and Noble.

In the meantime, Sarah and I will be at Free Comic Book day at our local comic shop Comics, Toons and Toys and at San Diego Comic Con.

Since it’s been a while, how about checking out another preview page:Durin holds his own against the masses


Issue 3 Color Preview

Whew it’s been a while!

Sarah and I were recently at Comics, Toons and Toys handing out free issues of Mortifera for “Free Comic Book Day.”  We had a lovely time, and gave away everything we had to give.  Aside from handing out free stuff, we (and I mean mostly Sarah) have been busting our asses to get some more demon killing to the masses.

Check out this new image!  Sarah’s been tearing it up on these recent panels:

I hope everyone’s doing well!  We’ll post more as we get some goodness up and running.  Who’s going to San Diego Comic Con?  That’s coming up soon. . .


Next Issue Preview

Check out this black and white preview. . .

Long Beach Comic Con was awesome by the way.  Thanks for everyone that bought a comic or a shirt.  It was cool to talk with all the neat people that came to hang out at the table.  I got a few pics of some of the people who picked up the comic.  (And forgot to take some pics of a bunch more. . . Sorry I am absent minded!)

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Yep. These shirts will be at the Long Beach Comic Con. Where you can buy them, and a color version of the black and white comic we previously released at the San Diego Comic Con.

In other news we have been busting our humps to get new content and comics up and ready to go for your reading pleasure. Oh and did you see this bad boy?

Miles Collins did this cover variant, and it is BRUTAL. Check out his blog here:

He rules.